15 Fabulous Fire Pits For Your Yard This Spring

Adding a hardscape feature in your yard can go a long way! So, this season, why not try one that’s both fun and functional? Fire Pits offer the perfect blend of style and practicality, and make for a great outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy! Browse through these 15 Fabulous Fire Pits below and find the perfect one for your home this spring!


1. This copper fire pit that’s basically a Moscow Mule glass for your yard.


The “Red Ember Eden Copper Wood Burning Fire Pit” comes with the bowl and stand, a spark screen, a grate, and a poker! Get it from Hayneedle for $279.98.

2. A multi-angled, stand alone fire pit with its very own smoke stack.


The “Cavo Custom Octo-Pit” is created to resemble an Archimedean Solid, and the attached smoke stack allows smoke to filter up and out of the way instead of back at you! Get it from Woodland Direct for $741.00.

3. This stylish square pit perfect for any sized patio. 


The “Trent Steel Fire Pit” includes a slate ledge around the bowl for a buffer from the fire, and a pyramid-shaped guard to prevent sparks from flying! Get it from Wayfair for $378.99.

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Twin Pines Expands Services Offered

twin-pines-family-of-companiesFor decades, Twin Pines Landscaping has worked to make a name for ourselves as a quality landscaping and maintenance professional in the MetroWest MA area. During that time, our company has offered our customers an array of services for all four seasons, including landscape design & maintenance, tree work, masonry, cleanups, irrigation services, and even snow removal.

Now, 25 years after Twin Pines first started in the landscaping business, we have teamed up with FitzCo Construction & Electric in order to offer an array of services in home improvement that expand far past our previous list!

To get a better idea of the new services encompassed in Twin Pines and FitzCo,  please take a moment to read through the list below!

Construction Services: Whether you’re looking to have a basic furniture piece constructed, or an entire addition

Wall going up

added onto your home, Twin Pines/FitzCo’s construction team can handle the job! Properly licensed and with years of experience under their belt, this team is equipped to tackled projects of all sizes and calibers. This division also covers home remodeling, including kitchen, bathroom, deck, and much more!

Handyman Services:

For homeowners looking to have projects completed around their house, but with little time to complete them themselves, our new handyman service is the perfect solution! We can handle anything, from quick appliance installation, to floor board replacements, to door/window installation, our team will take the time to do any odd handyman job around the house, keeping it looking spic and span for you to enjoy!

Electrical Services:

Our team of electricians are fully licensed and insured to complete any electrical job, big or small. The team has recently completed lighting fixture installation jobs, electrical outlet repairs, re-wiring of lighting fixtures, and even the wiring of an entire room, among many more! They also work closely with our construction team to wire newly renovated rooms or additions for our customers!

Fencing Services:

While Twin Pines often dabbled in fence-work in years past, we now have an entire team dedicated to not only fence repair and installation, but design as well! Whatever variation of material, height, or look you’re seeking in a fence, Twin Pines and FitzCo have the tools and experience to help you create it!

Masonry and Stonework:dscf0810

Twin Pines has always had a solid team of masons that have worked to create some beautiful pieces in the past. Now that we have expanded and added on the skills and expertise of FitzCo’s masons, as well, these services have only expanded. Not only can we create water features, stone walls, and other outdoor fixtures, we can also handle walkways, foundation repairs, and more!

Painting Services:

While Twin Pines has been dabbling in painting projects for quite some time, the addition of FitzCo’s team of expert painters to our roster has greatly increased our services in the area. Our teams specialize in both exterior and interior painting jobs, for both commercial and residential properties!


This service includes a thorough cleaning of walls, decks, driveways and more by Twin Pines and FitzCo!

Tiling and Flooring:

Looking to have your wood floor installed, tiles put down, or even bricks laid in your repair, building and home concept - close up of male hands intalentryway? Look no further than Twin Pines and FitzCo’s team of flooring experts, who have been trained to work with many different materials in a variety of different sized and shaped spaces.

Junk Removal

Not surprisingly, homeowners often find themselves with extra items around the home that they’re looking to have removed. Whether it’s a broken or old appliance, a dilapidated shed, or even just some scrap metal or wood, hiring our team to come and remove it for you saves you a lot of time and hassle!

Interested in contracting work with Twin Pines and FitzCo? Reach out to us today! We provide free, no obligation estimates on all projects other than Electrical–please inquire for specific prices–and would be happy to schedule a time to meet with you and discuss any upcoming project! We look forward to becoming your one-stop-shop for indoor and outdoor home improvement services!