11 Garden Marker DIY Guides To Help You Label Like A Pro

Add a splash of color and creativity into your garden with any of these unique, personalized garden marker ideas!

1. Lean into your mason-jar obsession with these simple but trendy markers.


Traditionalists know that in the days before Pinterest, gardeners marked their produce with the empty packets of seeds stuck onto a stick. It was a simpler time, before aesthetic became so important, and yet this theme lives on with these mason jar markers. These are truly just the same seed packet on a stick, with the added bonus of protection from the elements by encasing the packet it in a glass jar. Find more about making these on MarthaStewart.com!

2. Spell out success with these Scrabble-inspired markers.

Scrabble Leter

Utilize your old board game pieces to spell out the names of your fruits, veggies, and herbs hiding below the ground! Materials include: Scrabble Tiles, Paint Paddle Stirring Sticks, Red Decorator Spray Paint, and Glue! Find the full guide on The Farm Girl Gab’s!

3.  Add a rustic vibe to your garden with a basic brick marker.


All you need are some bricks and an Expo marker to create these crisp and clear garden pieces! The writing runs the risk of fading due to exposure to outdoor elements, and although some homeowners may prefer the weathered look, you can avoid fading by investing in a layer of clear topcoat paint to hold the color in place. Find the full DIY guide on the Simple Details Blog.

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15 Fabulous Fire Pits For Your Yard This Spring

Adding a hardscape feature in your yard can go a long way! So, this season, why not try one that’s both fun and functional? Fire Pits offer the perfect blend of style and practicality, and make for a great outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy! Browse through these 15 Fabulous Fire Pits below and find the perfect one for your home this spring!


1. This copper fire pit that’s basically a Moscow Mule glass for your yard.


The “Red Ember Eden Copper Wood Burning Fire Pit” comes with the bowl and stand, a spark screen, a grate, and a poker! Get it from Hayneedle for $279.98.

2. A multi-angled, stand alone fire pit with its very own smoke stack.


The “Cavo Custom Octo-Pit” is created to resemble an Archimedean Solid, and the attached smoke stack allows smoke to filter up and out of the way instead of back at you! Get it from Woodland Direct for $741.00.

3. This stylish square pit perfect for any sized patio. 


The “Trent Steel Fire Pit” includes a slate ledge around the bowl for a buffer from the fire, and a pyramid-shaped guard to prevent sparks from flying! Get it from Wayfair for $378.99.

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The Dangers of Tree Removal: Why It’s Important To Leave It To Professionals

All the unpredictable weather of the last few weeks has left many homeowners with some cleanup to do around their properties. One of the most significant aspects of this cleanup has been tree removal. Violent winds, heavy snow, and pounding rain are all known to cause trees to snap, branches to break off, and to leave, in short, less than safe conditions for people to live or work in. Tree Removal1

Yet, as tempting as it may be for homeowners to handle tree work themselves, it’s important that Tree Removal Professionals are called in to handle this type of cleanup.

Between the vital knowledge of tree physics and biology, experience with dangerous tools, and the understanding of advanced cutting techniques, these Tree Removal Professionals are the only people equipped to properly handle this difficult and potentially life-threatening work.

One of the most dangerous aspects of tree removal, is the power tools needed to remove the trees themselves. Chainsaws, wood chippers, and other power or hand tools are all incredibly dangerous to use, especially for those who are untrained. Tree Removal Experts have extensive training and experience with these tools, which makes them much more qualified to utilize them in a high-stakes situation like this.

The location of the trees in question also makes removal a dangerous task. If the tree were to be located near power lines, for example, workers would need to take extra precautions. Even Tree Removal Experts must act as if all power lines are live when working near or around them, as any accidental touch by a tool, tree, or person has the potential to result in electrocution.

Another dangerous aspect of tree removal is the fact that gravity is completely unpredictable. If a homeowner were take the necessary precautions and attempt to remove the tree themselves, there is no way of guaranteeing that the tree will fall where they want it to. Tree Work_2When an unqualified person attempts to handle the removal of trees without the help of an expert, it can result in damage to homes, vehicles, other trees and, most significantly, the people themselves. There are 200 tree-related fatal injuries on average per year in America, according to the US
Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is not worth being one of them.

Professional Tree Removers have not only extensive training in the physics of tree removal (which works to prevent such injuries or damages), but also in the proper safety equipment necessary to complete this kind of work. Professionals are required by law to be covered from head to toe in protective gear prior to handling any kind of tree removal work. The OSHA standards require Tree Removal Professionals to wear helmets/face shields, gloves, chainsaw-protective clothing, goggles or safety glasses, earmuffs or plugs, and proper work shoes when completing this work.

If you are looking to have trees removed from your property, please take the necessary precautions. Hire a Tree Removal Expert to handle the work for you, and avoid the life-threatening risks of attempting to do a job you may not be prepared to do.

Twin Pines Landscaping offers Tree Removal Services from a team of highly qualified and licensed specialists. You can also contract these specialists for a tree consultation, in which they can come out to your property and evaluate your trees for any potential dangers or specific cutting instructions. For more information on these services from Twin Pines, you can reach out to our office at (508) 358-4231. Other Tree Removal Specialists can be found by a simple Google Search for the type of work and your town or district. However you choose to contract this work, remember that when it comes to trees, safety should be the number one concern.

Allergy Tips From Twin Pines

Experts have been predicting a tough spring for seasonal allergy sufferers since winter. Blaming the extra snow and wet conditions for the high pollen counts, allergists across New England spent early February and March warning the population of the rough season ahead.

Yet, as they always seem to do, allergies have hit people hard this year despite the extra preparation. And it seems that everyone has been taking to social media to voice their frustrations—a phenomenon you can read about on our Allergy Post – Part 1.

If you are one of these sufferers, you know about the stuffy noses, itchy eyes, coughing and sneezing that come inevitably wit allergy season. And chances are you have exhausted your typical allergy relief options during this particularly bad season.

Twin Pines experts are here to help! After years of working out in the field during allergy season, our experts have constructed a handful of go-to tips for handling their allergies, that are sure to help ease the stress this spring!

Tip 1. – Showering Before Bed

Young Woman Washing Her Long Hair Under The Shower

Showering after a long day is the perfect solution to alleviating your allergies during the night and into the next morning. Microscopic pollen particles cling to your clothes, skin, and mostly your hair when you’re outdoors during allergy season. Taking a shower at night gives you a chance to free yourself of all of these particles and will give you a sense of relief from the often all-consuming allergy symptoms. Whether that means switching up your daily routine to shower at night rather than in the morning, or throwing in a second shower of the day, the relief you will get from this simple act will definitely be worth it.

Tip 2. – Washing Your Bedding

For many, adding this extra shower into their routine proves difficult, so more often than not, people end up going to sleep with the pollen still on their bodies. However, this act allows pollen to spread onto your sheets, pillows, and blankets, where it will stay night after night until these linens are changed or washed. Making a habit of changing your sheets as often as possible during allergy season will help reduce the pollen count in your room, and help you sleep at night.

Tip 3. – Wet Itchy Eyes With A Washcloth

For those whose allergy symptoms tend to revolve around itchy, swollen eyes, you are sure to be familiar with the discomfort that comes with these symptoms. If showering is not an option for you when these symptoms strike, simply wet a paper towel or washcloth with cold water, and dab at the inner corner of your eyes. If they have become swollen, lean back and rest the damp cloth over your closed eyes, letting the cool water soothe you. This is a very quick and effective tip for allergy sufferers on the go.

Tip 4. – Take A Spoonful Of Local Honey

closeup of female mouth and spoon with honey

While this option may sound a little far-fetched, experts have found this trick incredibly helpful. Eating honey made by bees in your area, will help your body build up resistance to the pollen in the honey, which is the same pollen triggering your symptoms. Try attending farmers markets or shopping in local grocery stores to find this honey, then eat a tablespoon daily for the remainder of allergy season. You will feel the relief soon after your begin this process!

While these past few weeks have been some of the most pollen-filled we’ve ever seen in New England, you don’t have to sit back and suffer silently. Make use of some of our expert tips, and if those aren’t enough to help, consider allergy medicines that may ease your discomfort during this time.

Check back with Twin Pines Landscaping for our Allergy Post Part 3., in which we will describe the best plants to have in your yard during allergy season. With a little planning, you can begin planting these flowers this year so that by the time next spring rolls around, you will have a yard that is both filled with flowers, and easy on your allergies!

Setting Your Spring Maintenance Plan In Place: Expert Guidance From Twin Pines Landscaping

Tranquil Garden 2

Spring has finally hit New England, and with all that warm weather comes a lot of new landscaping ideas and projects for homeowners. Whether looking to install a fence, walkway, water feature, new plants, or even add a hardscape to your yard, the end goal during this time of year is to make your recently snow-covered lawn as unique and beautiful as it can be.

The truth of the matter is that while making large changes like these do tend to shift the overall feel of a landscape, there are actually many simpler ways to improve your yard, many of which revolve around your lawn maintenance plan!

Irrigation Work

Pairing Irrigation work with an effective fertilizer and preference program is one easy way to maximize your lawn maintenance service.

Seeding, pesticide applications, and fertilizer programs all often require correct timing of irrigation settings to maximize their effectiveness. For example, having one company come and apply a pesticide to your plants right before your separate company comes and runs your irrigation system, could cause the two actions to cancel out, as the water would wash away the pesticides. Getting one landscaping company that handles both fertilization and irrigation like Twin Pines, will help save you a lot of trouble when the busy season gets underway.

garden sprinkler on the green lawn

If getting one company to manage both of these services is impossible, the experts at Twin Pines suggest, at the very least,
having a very open communication with each company. This way lines will not get crossed, and your yard can continue to thrive!

A second simple maintenance-preparation step that you can take yourself, is installing a wireless receiver to your irrigation controller. This will allow your technician to access your system without having to bother you for access to the controller itself. Additionally, with a wireless controller, you can actually adjust the irrigation settings from anywhere in your home.

If you’re not interested in installing an entire new component to your system, a second option is to try out an irrigation-controlling App on your phone. (We at Twin Pines are actually in the process of helping a customer implement one of these Apps this season. Check back with us for updates on the quality and effectiveness of this app!)

Pre-season preparation for your irrigation system doesn’t stop at convenience, however. There are specific requirements set forth by many towns which regulate your irrigation process. Ask your irrigation company to look into these regulations for you, as they will help determine your maintenance plan for the season.


While the fertilization component of lawn care maintenance may seem much more straightforward than that of your irrigation system, there are also a lot of decisions to be made in this regard, as well.

Close-up of green seedling growing out of soil

One such decision is about the fertilization plan for your yard. For example, Twin Pines Landscaping uses a fully customizable, 5-step fertilizer program, which we utilize in order to feed and maintain your lawn while also controlling weeds and harmful insects.

This program includes the following steps:

Steps 1 & 2: Feed your lawn while preventing and controlling weed growth.

Step 3: Feed you lawn and control grubs. *This would also be the step in which to apply tick control substances

Step 4: Feed your lawn while spot spraying for weeds.

Step 5: Feed your lawn with essential nutrients for winter, paired with optimal Liming services.

If you feel passionate about remaining organic with your lawn care maintenance, look for a service provider with organic fertilizer options, like those offered by Twin Pines. These options also often are paired with organic pest control, shrub fertilizing, and “Roundup Services.”

Pest Control:

Pest control is a very important part of maintenance that needs to be considered when planning for the season. Ask your landscaping professional if they apply Mosquito Control, Tick Control, or Ant and Surface Insect Control.

Spreading chemicals on lawn

The landscaping experts at Twin Pines know how vital proper pest
control is, which is why this season they have added a recurring roundup service for customers, as part of our maintenance contract. We make sure that these treatments coincide with fertilizer applications, which add another level of consistency to your lawn care. Application is done on walkways, patios, driveways, and open planting beds to ensure every area of your yard is protected.

See if your maintenance provider provides similar services, and if so,make sure to sign up. Proactive pest control is vital to a healthy lawn.

After the winter that we in New England have lived through, lawn care this spring has to become a priority! If you do not have a quality lawn maintenance plan in place, now is the time to start looking and locking in a company that will provide consistent service which exceeds your expectations!

Living in the MetroWest MA area? Consider Twin Pines Landscaping for your irrigation system and fertilizer needs! Contact us today to set up a free, no obligation quote on your service, and check out our website at www.twinpines.biz for a full list of services our company offers!

Twin Pines’ Winter Plant Features

Twin Pines has decided to bring a little brightness back into your social media feed with our Daily Winter Plant Feature! Through the end of February, we will be posting about different flowers, trees, and shrubs that either flourish in winter or make your landscape a little more interesting during bland months! Check our our social media daily for these posts, or back here on our blog every Friday for the new ones!

Twin Pines’ #LandscapingTips Of The Week (Jan. 5th-9th)

Check out this week’s #LandscapingTips from this week!

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Share Your Thanksgiving Veggie Recipes With Twin Pines

We all know the scenario: Your family sets Thanksgiving plans months in advance, deciding who will host, who will be invited, and, often most importantly, who will bring what dish to share. Choosing a dish can be stressful, especially when you know that the main act of the afternoon will be the turkey, no matter how many hours you spend constructing the perfect mix for an autumn salad.

This year, however, Twin Pines wants to shift the focus of the holiday dinner, and learn all about the delicious vegetable side dishes that make up your Thanksgiving!

From green bean casseroles to sweet potato pies, we love it all, and we want to know what you love! Share your recipes with us to be featured in our 2014 Twin Pines Recipe Book!

Festive dinner at home, Thanksgiving day celebration, backed chi

How To Enter: Between now and November 27, submit your best veggie side dish to Twin Pines by either tweeting us (@TwinPinesLandsc), tagging us in your photo on Instagram (@twinpineslandscaping), messaging us on Facebook, or emailing us at ashley@twinpines.biz!

Want to see how this all ties in with landscaping? You’ll have to check back in with us after Thanksgiving to see!

How To Paint Like A Pro: Expert Tips from Twin Pines Landscaping

Painting is one of those household tasks that can cause a lot of anxiety for homeowners. They tend to consider the time commitment, physical labor, and patience needed for the job, and weigh that against how well their job will actually turn out—which, in many cases, is less than picture perfect.

But the truth of it is, those homeowners are wasting precious time stressing over the task, when, in reality, that time can be used to complete it in a quick and effective way.

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