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Read in the Rhythm of “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas”


A Holiday Poem from Twin Pines


[Read in the rhythm of “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas”]

T’was the month of the holidays, and through every house,
People were stressing, every parent, every spouse.
For there were boxes and boxes of decorations to be hung,
Garland and wreaths to be put up, strands of lights to be strung.
And no time to do it all, one family felt stuck!
How ever would they find time to put all this stuff up?

“Well worry no further,” came a voice heard through the snow
“It’s our pleasure to help you, come on crew, let’s go!”

So with a very tall ladder, and all the supplies they would need,
The Twin Pines team got to work to complete this fun deed.
They climbed up every roof and laced lights ‘cross the edge.
They wrapped every bush, every tree, every shed.
Until finally their customers’ homes all shone very bright
With the sparkling hue from hundreds of holiday lights.

“Enjoy the decorations,” called the crews with great cheer,
“Have a wonderful holiday, and a Happy New Year!”

They returned once again, once the holidays had passed
To clean up their mess and put an end to their task.
They took down every light, every strand, every row
And they packed them all up and got ready to go.
“Thank you for your help!” cried the family, feeling relieved
“That was so much simpler than I ever would’ve believed!”

And so this holiday season, we offer the same thing to you.
We can put up your lights, and take them down too!
Give us a call and we’ll start right away,
So things will be ready for your special day.

Learn about our Light Hanging Services and get more decorating tips in our
Holiday Decorating Guide!

Happy Holidays Greetings On A Line
Happy Holidays from Twin Pines!

Twin Pines’ Guide To Holiday Decorating

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially for homeowners. You, of course, want to keep your yard and home looking festive, but that isn’t always possible given the chaos that surrounds this time of year.

This season, get a jump start on decorating for the holidays! Read through the expert tips from Twin Pines and get started on spreading the holiday spirit today!

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Christmas trees are often thought of as a pivotal plant come winter, but they aren’t the only one that can be featured! There are many gorgeous holiday flowers, trees, and decorative plants that can be added to your home and yard to help bring out the spirit of the season.

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Our Holiday Light Showcase

As landscapers, we at Twin Pines love a good lawn. Whether that means fresh green grass in the summer, or a scattering of leaves in the fall, we take the time to fully appreciate the beauty and care that people put into their lawns!

With the holidays just around the corner, we at Twin Pines decided to compile some of the best-looking, holiday-decorated lawns of 2014! We got submissions from all over America, and while each was unique and beautiful in its own way, they all had one thing in common: An excess of holiday cheer!

So, this year, even if you can’t find time to drive around and look at the holiday lights in your community, check out the ones in ours (and others all across America!) We promise it’ll get you in the holiday spirit in no time!

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