11 Garden Marker DIY Guides To Help You Label Like A Pro

Add a splash of color and creativity into your garden with any of these unique, personalized garden marker ideas!

1. Lean into your mason-jar obsession with these simple but trendy markers.


Traditionalists know that in the days before Pinterest, gardeners marked their produce with the empty packets of seeds stuck onto a stick. It was a simpler time, before aesthetic became so important, and yet this theme lives on with these mason jar markers. These are truly just the same seed packet on a stick, with the added bonus of protection from the elements by encasing the packet it in a glass jar. Find more about making these on MarthaStewart.com!

2. Spell out success with these Scrabble-inspired markers.

Scrabble Leter

Utilize your old board game pieces to spell out the names of your fruits, veggies, and herbs hiding below the ground! Materials include: Scrabble Tiles, Paint Paddle Stirring Sticks, Red Decorator Spray Paint, and Glue! Find the full guide on The Farm Girl Gab’s!

3.  Add a rustic vibe to your garden with a basic brick marker.


All you need are some bricks and an Expo marker to create these crisp and clear garden pieces! The writing runs the risk of fading due to exposure to outdoor elements, and although some homeowners may prefer the weathered look, you can avoid fading by investing in a layer of clear topcoat paint to hold the color in place. Find the full DIY guide on the Simple Details Blog.

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Perfect Pumpkins: A Compilation of Twin Pines’ Favorite Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

With Halloween less than a month away, this is prime time for families to embark on yearly pumpkin carving traditions! Get a little creative this year, and try out some of Twin Pines’ favorite pumpkin decorating ideas with you family!

Photo Credit: Family.Disney.com

Stenciled Designs

This traditional carving method involves using pre-designed stencils as a guide for your carving. Start by taping the paper with the design onto the surface of the pumpkin, then use your carving tools to follow the lines in the image. When you remove the paper, your design will have been transferred directly onto the pumpkin! With a little cleanup, these designs often come off looking sharp and interesting.

Expert Tip: Simple carving can be the best method for kids and beginners, but advanced stenciling is also available for older carvers of higher skill levels! Some great beginner stencil options can be found at HGTV.com while more funky options are available at Buzzfeed.com. Both allow you to browse your options then print right at home!

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