Summer Gardening Series: Growing Zucchini

Many of Twin Pines’ customers use the warm months of summer to garden, and for years we have been helping not only create spaces in their landscapes to grow these fruits and vegetables, but in many cases, have actually helped maintain them as they grow. For that reason, throughout this season, we will be sharing tips from the Twin Pines gardening experts! With our help, hopefully you too can grow delicious produce right in your own backyard!

Check back weekly for gardening tips, guides, and even some favorite summer veggie recipes from the Twin Pines Team!

Zucchini – 

Zucchini is an incredibly popular summer vegetable to grow, mostly because, when cared for correctly, it can be harvested a mere 40-60 days after being planted. That means diligent gardeners may be able to get a full 2-3 crops of these veggies grown by the end of the summer! Check out these expert tips from Twin Pines for growing the best zucchini this season:

When To Plant

For the best results, Zucchini seeds should not be planted until after you are sure the last frost of winter has passed, as this vegetable does not tolerate cold temperatures. The ideal soil temperature for planting is between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit; at this warmth, the Zucchini plants will thrive.

Where To Plant

Zucchini seeds should be spread out when planted in order to grow properly. At minimum, they should be inserted into soil mounds 3-4 feet apart from one another. The benefit of planting in a soil mound is that it allows you to plant the seed about an inch below the surface of the soil, while still giving the roots excess room to grow downwards. For the best results, these hills should be between 6 and 12 inches high and about one to two feet wide.

Post-Planting Care

Zucchini is a thirsty plant, which requires roughly 2 inches of water per week to remain fully hydrated. For that reason, it is important that the soil around the plants remain consistently moist. This can be accomplished by hand-watering, or with the use of an installed irrigation system.

Gardeners may also want to consider mulching around the plants once the seeding has been established, as this helps keep the temperature of the soil below the mulch stable and the moisture from watering locked in.

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