15 Trendy Accessories To Take Your Swimming Pool Game To The Next Level This Summer

Whether or not you have a pool in your backyard, these amazing accessories will be sure to put a splash of excitement into your summer!

Pool Trends 2017_2

1. This giant pizza float that is almost as hilarious as it is appetizing.


The “Swimline Pool Pizza Slice Pool Float” comes in single slices, sets of 2, or sets of 8 to make up the whole pie! It is recommended for use by adult riders. Get it from Hayneedle for $224.71.

2. An adjustable, floating umbrella to help keep you out of the sun when spending time in the water.


Made of UV-rated fabric and equipped with a handy drink buoy at the base, the “Shade Science Pool Buoy” can add a great mix of style and function to your pool. Get it from Sunplay for $149.00.

3. This floating coole
r that is sure to redefine your definition of convenient.


Avoid having to get out of the pool every time you need a fresh drink with this amazing, inflatable cooler. The “Intex Mega Chill Inflatable Floating Cooler” features a deep drink vault in the center for drinks and ice as well as an easy-to-use connector that fastens onto other River Run products and helps ensure your drinks are never further than an arm’s reach away! Get it on Amazon for $16.91.

4. A float that’s big enough for the entire family to lounge on.

Pool Couch

The “Aqua Sofa Pool Float” features soft fabric, three pillows, and a “bolster back” to help you sit upright. It can fit up to three adults comfortably and allows for hours of floating fun. Get it from Toy Splash for $122.99.

5. This pool game that encourages friendly competition.


Perfect for kids, the “Swimline Battle Station Squirter Set” comes with a docking station and two detachable floats, each with attached water guns and splash screens to help take any water battle to the next level! Get it from LeisurePro for $56.95.

6. These Pac-Man themed floats that are perfect for pool-goers feeling nostalgic.


This inflatable “Big Mouth Inc. Pac-Man and Ghost Float Set” can be found at Kotula’s for $39.00.

7. A beautiful pool fountain that will help you feel like you’re lounging in the water at the Bellagio.


The “Doheny’s Pool Fountain” is an easy way to add some elegance to your pool! It’s simple to install and fits most “eyeball type pool inlets.” Get it from Doheny at $29.99.

8.  This gorgeous Mandela-patterned pool float that is sure to bring out the inner bohemian in all of us.


This trendy float spans 59 inches in diameter, and makes a great accessory for summer! Get it on Amazon for $24.95.

9. An inflatable water slide that is the perfect poolside activity for adults and children alike.

Who needs a crowded water park when you can make your own in your back yard? The “Poolmaster Aqua Launch Slide” attaches to any standard garden hose and is suitable for ages 6+! Get it at Bed Bath and Beyond for $149.99.

10. An inflatable, ride-on Swan Float that will make you feel like Taylor Swift herself.


Reach true celebrity status with your very own Swan or Flamingo float this summer! Get it on Groupon for only $41.99 (for a limited time.)

11.  This floating game table for some on-the-water entertainment.


The “GoPong Pool Lounge” is the perfect accessory for a summer bash! Get it on Amazon for $32.29.

12. A removable underwater seat that can turn the edge of your pool into a private swim-up bar.


Constructed with a built in weight system, the “Liquidseat Swim-Up Bar Stool” is a patented underwater seat that’s a handy addition to any pool. Just throw it into the water and it will right itself properly! Get it from LiquidSeat.com for $179.99.

13. A diamond ring pool float that can help get that special someone to take the hint.


Who needs subtly when you have a giant engagement ring pool float to lounge on all summer long? Get the “Big Mouth Giant Bling Ring Pool Float” from Target for $19.99.

14. A floating card game table that’s perfect for keeping you entertained during long days spent on the water.


Win big with the “Swimline Floating Card Game Station” from Toy Splash! This floating table comes with a set of waterproof playing cards and two floating sling seats for your comfort. Get it from Toy Splash for $49.95.

15. This giant inflatable unicorn for when you’re feeling particularly magical.

The “Leisure Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float” comes in size “Huge,” measuring at 109″ and making it the perfect size for some fantastical lounging. Get it on Amazon for $39.99.

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