15 Fabulous Fire Pits For Your Yard This Spring

Adding a hardscape feature in your yard can go a long way! So, this season, why not try one that’s both fun and functional? Fire Pits offer the perfect blend of style and practicality, and make for a great outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy! Browse through these 15 Fabulous Fire Pits below and find the perfect one for your home this spring!


1. This copper fire pit that’s basically a Moscow Mule glass for your yard.


The “Red Ember Eden Copper Wood Burning Fire Pit” comes with the bowl and stand, a spark screen, a grate, and a poker! Get it from Hayneedle for $279.98.

2. A multi-angled, stand alone fire pit with its very own smoke stack.


The “Cavo Custom Octo-Pit” is created to resemble an Archimedean Solid, and the attached smoke stack allows smoke to filter up and out of the way instead of back at you! Get it from Woodland Direct for $741.00.

3. This stylish square pit perfect for any sized patio. 


The “Trent Steel Fire Pit” includes a slate ledge around the bowl for a buffer from the fire, and a pyramid-shaped guard to prevent sparks from flying! Get it from Wayfair for $378.99.

4. A Wine Barrel pit that will help transform your yard into Napa Valley.


The “Wine Barrel Fire Pit,” which uses iridescent fireglass, is made to look rustic and worn like a real barrel does! Get it from Woodland Direct for $1,599.00.

5. This classic Cast Stone Fire Pit is big enough for the whole family to gather around and enjoy.


The “Sun Joe Cast Stone Fire Pit” comes in a variety of finishes and sizes, making it the perfect fit for any home! Get it from Hayneedle for $199.99.

6. A tapered fire bowl that looks like it was snatched right from the Olympics Opening Ceremony.


The “Tacora Manual Ignition Fire Pit” is available in Natural Gas or Liquid Propane, and includes a CSA automated burner system “for easy ignition!” Get it from Woodland Direct for $4,529.00.

7. This industrial-looking fire pit that provides not only warmth, but the perfect place to rest your wine glass!


The “AZ Heater Propane Antique Fire Pit” includes not only a clear fire glass cover for the burner, but the perfect surface area for snacks and drinks, as well! Get it from Hayneedle for $196.66.

8. A tree stump gas fire pit that looks so real you’ll swear you’re in the middle of the woods.


The “Artisan Meadows Redwood Stump Gas Fire Pit” not only looks like a real live stump, but burns like one too! Get it from Woodland Direct for $1,493.00.

9. This modern wave pit that is pretty much a roller coaster of fire. 

10The “Wave Propane Fire Pit” contains “coated tube burners uniquely woven to create a ‘wave’ effect!” Get it from Wayfair for $4,749.05.

10. This sunken stone fire pit that can add a level of elegance to any backyard.


The “Sierra Fire Pit Table” offers a classic stone look with the convenience of a concealed liquid propane tank! Get it from Woodland Direct for $2,279.05.

11. Bingo! This “Ball of Fire Bowl” pit will make you feel like you hit big!


The “Ball of Fire Steel Bowl Fire Pit” allows for a perfect view of the flames from every seat in the house! Get it from Wayfair for $184.99.

12. A modern, geometric-styled square pit.


The “Cavo Custom Geo-Pit” contains a rain vent so it’s always dry and ready to go when you are! Get it from Woodland Direct for $855.00.

13. A fancy, circular fire pit that can really go with any high-end landscape design.

The “Essex Propane Fire Pit” is made of copper and is supposed to be very easy to install! Get it from Wayfair for $4,399.99.

14. This fire pit that can highlight the shimmering beauty of the night sky.13The “Super Sky Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit” contains starry cut outs, which add a magical element to any night! Get it from Wayfair for $228.99.

15. This unique fire pit that’s perfect for a night spent cuddling up with that special someone by the flames!


The “Red Ember Kona Gas Fire Column” is made of stone and includes a glass case for the fire on top! Get it from Hayneedle for $239.98.

Bonus! 16. A customized fire pit designed to fit your home’s unique style.

Green 5
Contact a mason or construction expert like those at Twin Pines to help you bring your dream fire pit to life!

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