A Letter From Your Plants On Fourth of July Weekend

Dear Family,

Now, we’re not the type to complain, but there’s a problem we’ve been noticing about your “summer habits” that we think we need to address. It’s about… Fourth of July weekend, and the fun you tend to have without really giving your plants a second thought.

We get it, it’s a full weekend to celebrate summer! There are cookouts, and fireworks, and late-night partying; it’s no wonder you guys are off having a great time. Believe us, if we weren’t rooted to the spot, we’d leaf in a heartbeat and join the fun! But sadly we cannot. We are stuck standing idly by while you and your guests have a good time, right under our branches.

But it doesn’t have to be like this! There are lots of ways to help send the party our way this Fourth of July, and we’ve decided to let you in on the secret:

  1. It’s a holiday weekend; we want to drink heavily right alongside you – Deep, waterings make much more of an impact than short, infrequent ones. It may be time consuming, but much like the clingy girl at the party, the longer you spend with us, the happier we’ll be.
  2. We want to look good for your friends – Cutting back stray twigs, and picking up broken branches, fallen leaves, or dead flower buds before guests arrive can make our look really pop.
  3.  Use that smartphone for more than just Facebook –  We know you’ll spend half your time at a social gathering on your phone anyways, so why not take a moment to look up the weekend’s weather forecast for us? That way you’ll know what days you need to pay more attention, and what days you can give us some space to branch out.
  4. You wouldn’t want someone wasting your drinks, so don’t waste ours – The government has been rolling around town looking for people who are running their irrigation at the wrong hours. Brush up on your town’s water restrictions so you don’t have a party foul!
  5. We love to party – Did you know there are types of flowers that bloom at every part of the year? Feel free to bring in some neighbors to liven up this place!

And if you happen to be going away for Fourth of July weekend, it probably wouldn’t hurt to have someone check in on us every once and a while, just to make sure we’re behaving ourselves! A local landscaping company like Twin Pines will be around to pop in and care for us while you’re off having a good time. Don’t forget to give them a call and set up a watering schedule if you haven’t already!

Anyways, sorry for the long letter. We have a lot of time to think out here in the hot sun, and the ideas tend to just keep growing. If you can work to keep any of these ideas in mind this weekend, we’d appreciate it!

Happy Fourth!

-Your Plants

P.S. Oh, by the way, we drink nothing but water, in case that wasn’t clear. Ice, cold water. Join us for a drink sometime!



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